Manndeckung offers you a wide range of services and supports you in the best possible way in your search for personnel.

Temporary employment is a service where we help you maintain your staffing levels while you are in business. Our temporary staff work for you and on your behalf, but are employed in a fixed, permanent employment relationship. This offers you great flexibility and cost and planning security. Our professional planning, international know-how and local support enable us to quickly provide you with your personnel wherever you need them.

Your advantages with staff leasing are

  • Flexible staffing levels according to demand
  • No time-consuming personnel search
  • Constant fixed personnel costs
  • Professional planning, international know-how and local support

In addition, we enable you to employ staff who have already been leased out directly in your company, which means you benefit from an extended training period.

Are you looking for employees for permanent employment, but would like a hand-picked pre-selection of suitable candidates? We do the work for you. For us as a personnel expert, recruiting employees is our core competence.

We know where and how to find the right candidates for you. And you benefit from our wide range of services: We create applicant profiles, place ads in the relevant online portals and also take care of preliminary interviews and selection tests for you.

By the way: Should you instruct us to search covertly, this is often advantageous – for example, if a position is still occupied or successors are being sought for a company.

You need professional expertise for a limited period of time? We can help you find the right freelancer who has the necessary know-how and can support you for the desired period. We fill your project requests in the areas of IT, engineering and finance with independent specialists from our pool of experts. No matter whether you want to assign work orders completely or involve individual freelancers selectively – we are there for you. Together we agree on all project details, such as required skills, areas of responsibility, location, remuneration and project duration. Then we identify the suitable candidate and prepare him or her specifically for the assignment in your company. If you wish, we can also take care of the contract management and remuneration of the freelancer for you. This way, your project can start right away!

Sie möchten einen Mitarbeiter erst genau kennenlernen, bevor Sie ihn übernehmen? Dann ist Temp-to-Perm ideal für Sie. Dieses Personalmodell vereint Arbeitnehmerüberlassung und Personalvermittlung und bietet Ihnen so Flexibilität sowie eine besondere Sicherheit bei der Personalauswahl. Denn unsere Mitarbeiter sind zunächst im Rahmen der Arbeitnehmerüberlassung bei Ihnen im Unternehmen tätig, bevor sich hieran eine Personalvermittlung anschließt. Das heißt für Sie: Erst wenn Sie einen Mitarbeiter über einen längeren Zeitraum bei Ihnen im Betrieb „on the Job“ kennengelernt und sich von seinen fachlichen und persönlichen Fähigkeiten überzeugt haben, übernehmen Sie ihn in Ihre Stammbelegschaft. Damit gehen Sie keinerlei Risiko ein.

Co-partnering is a further development of the temporary employment models available on the market. This model offers the following added value:

  • Neutral coordination of all personnel management processes
  • Optimisation and further development of the supplier structure
  • Creation of a level playing field
  • Process optimisation and stability through intelligent and customised organisation.

What are the advantages?
You ensure productivity by creating a level playing field and processes for all co-partners, coordinated by Manndeckung. The use of a co-partner manager enables a clear understanding of roles between you (the client) and your co-partner (Manndeckung). Tasks and responsibilities are clearly delineated here. Despite the great relief, the responsible persons in your company retain all decision-making rights.

In the following, we list the most important points why man-to-man cover is your perfect partner.

We have the right people on board – your company will thank us! Human resources are scarce in most companies. With us at your side, you no longer have anything to fear. We support you by specifically searching for the right employees for your company – so you can put your feet on other pillars and continue to grow your business!

Are you looking for substitutes for your team? Then contact us! We guarantee short-term and uncomplicated support – without stress and paperwork and thus reduce your working time to a minimum.

You are guaranteed to find the perfect candidate for your company in our pool of employees. A high selection of qualitatively selected applicants is waiting for you. You benefit from our many years of experience.

We are your perfect partner when it comes to finding the right employee. Because with us, competence and reliability come first. So you can rely on a fast, precise and, above all, successful staffing process!

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